Yoga Teacher & Silversmith

Renee Rudolph is a student, teacher, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist in-training, and Silversmith. She specializes in therapeutic yoga and handmade jewelry.

Renee works with clients online and in person near Guffey, Colorado, supporting individuals' health and wellness goals. She believes in each individual's ability to self-heal through simple and effective lifestyle changes. Renee draws on the teachings and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Join Renee for a public yoga class or email her to learn more about 1:1 yoga. Check out the latest newsletter and see what's new at the jewelry shop.

"Renee is a truly gifted yoga therapist [in-training] who brings her heart and soul to every session. Renee takes the time to listen, hear my goals, give me supportive feedback, and help me to mold a practice that works for me. Committing to individual sessions with Renee has elevated my yoga practice to a place I did not know was possible. I am so grateful for her expertise and wisdom." 

--Yoga Client, Nashville, TN

"Renee and her classes have been a lifeline for me - I’m so grateful!"  --Carolynne F., Florissant, CO

I was uncertain of what I could handle physically before I went on the retreat. It’s been a long time since I participated in anything like it. I enjoyed all of it very much. No matter the location Renee makes it a welcoming place, a place without judgment, a place to learn, a place to be yourself, and a place to grow and love others. She is an astute teacher, and a learner herself. Highly recommend. 

-- Lisa E., Florisant, CO

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