Yoga encourages remembering our wholeness and invites us to reconnect with ourselves. For Renee, coming to the mat in the face of heartbreak and grief provided a place where she could experience all of her emotions, the good and the not so pleasant, without judgment. And this is the place where Renee teaches from. Inspired by her own losses, Renee supports others' journeys to wade through the muck and cultivate a loving relationship with their wholeness.

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Renee began practicing yoga in 2001 and in 2016 began sharing her passion for yoga with others through teaching. Renee teaches vinyasa-style public yoga classes and in her work as a yoga therapist-in-training, Renee offers one-on-one yoga sessions, focusing on the unique and individual goals of her clients.

When not teaching yoga, Renee is playing outdoors, dancing, or creating at her jewelry bench. 

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Creating jewlery for beautiful souls.

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Background photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

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